The Tokusatsu Dressing Room

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A role-playing dressing room for all tokusatsu heroes, villains and allies.

- This community welcomes characters from any tokusatsu canon, including American versions (Power Rangers, Dragon Knight). Also welcome are original characters and those from alternate universes. If you're unsure whether your character will be appropriate for the community, please contact a mod.

- There is no application required to join the community. Just join, post up an introduction, and have fun.

- Please put anything higher than PG-13 under a cut with a warning about the content. Also, please friends-lock any of these entries.

- There is no community-wide roleplaying style. You are welcome to use novel / paragraph form, or use asterisks ** for your actions. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

- No godmoding or controlling others characters. This goes without saying. The easiest way to resolve potential conflict in this department is to contact the other player.

- I ask that you have only one character per journal, and please do not use your personal journals to post with your characters. It helps to keep things organized.

- No drama / wank. Please keep problems to a minimum. If it is something between players, try to resolve it yourselves and keep it away from the community. If it is a problem involving the community, please contact a mod and have them look into it.


Your character enters the world just as casually as walking through a door in their own. Upon leaving a location in their world, your character has opened a door and found themselves in a large, hotel style building. The floors seem endless, but they will always be able to find their way back to their starting point. The room that they stepped out of will always remain a mirror image of their own world, but any exits will open into different parts of the hotel.

Many worlds intersect in this hotel, and it seems that everything your character could want is provided for them (within reason). It doesn't seem so bad until you consider that people once thought to be dead are wandering around as though nothing had ever happened, and people are starting to meet mirror images of themselves.

Powers seem to work normally for now, but it's difficult to tell what might happen if they are used recklessly. After all, someone has to be working behind the scenes.


Layout customized from Estiloamor's base.

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