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26 May 2011 @ 10:26 am
After what seemed like hours of wandering around the curious hotel, Shoutarou found himself in a lounging room. He hadn't seen anyone yet, nor heard any activity since he arrived other than the things he'd done himself.

"To say something's not right here would be an understatement..."

OOC: Hope it's alright to have a second Shoutarou running around. I didn't see anything in the rules against character duplicates, so...
08 January 2011 @ 08:40 pm
Ankh went back into his room and started pacing around. What the hell with this building? Before this he had managed to get in and out JUST FINE. And now, whenever he walked out through this stupid door--THE ONLY DOOR out of his room--he ended up walking into some new building. He cursed loudly.

"Who the hell's playing jokes with me!?" he cried out as he took out a Hopper Can and turned it into a candroid.

"Oi! Eiji? Where are you?" he hollered to the poor thing but he got no answer. He tried to release a Taka candroid out of the window but it seemed now that it could not even get out of it! He caught the red can as the candroid returned to him and reverted back to a normal can. Ankh's mouth twitched as he shouted towards the window, asking what was wrong with this building.

Frustrated, he tried climbing out of the window... thinking that he could face the clear sky. Strangely as he blinked his eyes in bewilderment, he found himself standing at a balcony of the second floor level of the hotel. Ankh started kicking things around in anger.

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06 January 2011 @ 06:39 am
...Well. After her little adventure with the cat, Haruka had moved quickly and—she thought—quietly along the hallways, but there didn't seem to be any staff. No one who could answer her questions, anyway. She'd found the room she woken up in—at least, she was reasonably sure it was that room—but once she'd stepped into it, it'd taken her someplace else.

Home, in fact. And then she'd stepped backwards, and here she was again. After a few more minutes of stepping between the two places, she stepped back into this opulent building, and then...walked away.

The door had lasted this long, she reasoned. There was no reason it would close. As far as she knew, nothing had stepped into her home...what? Dimension? World? from here, so it was okay. And she had to figure out what this building was for, after all. It had nothing to do with comfort, of course. Never mind that this place had actual beds, and when she sat, she was comfortable.

Nope, not at all, she insisted as she reclined in a couch in the lobby. She'd go back in a minute. As soon as she'd investigated this building.
30 August 2010 @ 04:10 am
"... having 1264 species, with over 3872 types."  A marker could be heard squeaking on a whiteboard, though only barely as the young mans words quickly drowned it out.  "In the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae.  Being found in all reaches of the world, most commonly in Asia, though a smaller portion is found in Europe, North America, and northwest Africa - such as Carolinae and Gymnocarpa."  The brunette man paused here, drawing a line connecting one line of information to another.  "Uses include decoration, medication, and a decent use in chemistry.  Saa..."

This time the young man paused completely, bringing a hand to rub at his throat.  It was a typical Monday afternoon in the Narumi Detective Agency for Philip Marlowe - Normal being the fact that once again the teen was diving head first into a completely random topic.  It had been Narumi Akiko to introduce this little gem, having complained that she missed having a boyfriend who would send her flowers.  Something had clicked in the brunettes mind and without a word he had dashed away to his work space.  There he had remained until now, hours later.

Philip continued to rub at his throat, only after a moment realizing that he had been speaking for so long without having drunk anything.  Frowning in irritation the tensai made his way up the stairs towards the living quarters with the thought of a nice, cold glass of water in his mind.  Turning the handle on the door he stepped out into the yellow room, half wondering if Akiko or Shoutarou had made anything to eat (and if he could possibly steal it).

But what greeted him was not that cheerful room.  In fact, it looked the farthest thing from it.  Blinking in shock and confusion, Philip took in his surroundings with a questioning glance, his hand coming up to trace his lips.  He was standing in a lobby like hall that reminded him strangely of a hotel entrance.  A grand stairway stretched on a little ways away from him where he could see a few people milling about.  There were chairs and couches arranged in an elegant way throughout the room that gave it a more comfortable feel.  Or it most likely would have if the brunette had not been ready to flop down in shock.

"How...... is this possible?" he questioned aloud to no one in general, instinctively reaching behind him to grasp the door handle to the secret room, his gateway back to the Detective Agency.  Turning it he stepped backwards, sighing in relief.  It was short lived however as a man shoved past him - a man that most certainly wasn't Shoutarou.  His sanctuary was gone...

"Intriguing..." Philip frowned, again his finger tracing his lips before going to his side, the other arm raising to mid height.  "Begin Look-up..."

But look up... what?  Teleportation?

As soon as the word surfaced, Philip could see the letters form in his minds eye, bookshelf upon bookshelf falling away, yet still leaving more than fifty to pursue.


More books shelves fell away but still there were too many.  Far too many.  He would need more data.

(OOC:  Letting my Philip muse out to play.  Just a warning, he tends to ramble.  Ah well, nice to meet you?)

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[Anyone enjoying their peace and quiet, may need to prepare to have it ruined, as a highly stylized and lizard motif Motorcycle suddenly appears and zooms in, though quickly it skids to a halt. Th Rider on it looks around in confusion]

Did Amazon miss him? Could have swore he came this way.

[If the fact he is henshined and he burst in so suddenly was any indication, he appeared to have been chasing a Kaijin or Kikaiju. Or some sort of criminal worth Henshin-ing and getting on Jungler to go after]

Maybe Amazon just took a wrong turn. Should be easy with Jungler.

[Turns Jungler about ready to go back out the way he came... which upon him looking at it noticed that is not exactly matching to where he crashed through (though it is very much crashed through)]

Amazon remembers that being a glass door before.

[[ooc:Herro, I am new to the DR, who wants to say hi to the Moe-est Rider in the universe?]]
[Gatack's eyes narrowed slowly. He'd been here for a couple days, but... This was getting ridiculous. he couldn't keep missing him. Maybe it was a matter of timing, but today, he was focused. A low air of confusion and dismay from the last few days had dispelled; he'd already come to terms with the fact he was considerably more fleshy-and-not-metal right now. That might have had something to do with the fact that he also found himself in an unfamiliar place and all that.

The priority now, as it always tended to be, was keeping an eye on Kagami. That fool couldn't have gotten far without him (if he was even here.) so if he was here, he could find him rather quickly.

Even if he didn't know how all this would work any more (he was pretty sure his current form would not fit on a belt) he still was focused on the important thing; the one he'd chosen. He stopped off in one of the larger hallways, rocking on his heels as he looked over the place. There was no worry that Kagami would not recognize him; as long as the other was here, it would be fine.]

This is rather stupid. I don't like this already.

[ooc: yes :| another humanized zector... OTL DON'T JUDGE ME]
04 August 2010 @ 07:47 pm
[What seems to be a little boy, but it could have easily been a girl, was walking around the Hotel. It would seem that they are just lurking, looking around at different things, yet in it's hand was a little pad of paper and in the other was a pen.

Eventually it just stopped in the lobby and sat down, looking around itself. It was dressed in a silver-ish suit with a purple dress shirt and a gold-colored tie. He pad and pen was abandoned in it's lap as they just seemed to collapse in the seat, tired.]

[[OOC: Bother her/him/it as you please.]]
Kaito had no idea how long he had been inside the room, aiming kicks and punches at the bag in front of him. He had stripped his jacket and shirt off, tossing them aside since a change of clothes was something he hadn't managed to find yet. A few days of exploring the hotel had led to him finding the gym and in the beginning he had just passed it by, but made a mental note of the location for future reference. After all, most of his free time when he wasn't treasure hunting was spent training himself. It was necessary to keep himself in good shape when he was a thief, always running away from people, scaling buildings... but also as a Rider.

It had been a long time since he'd resumed his regular schedule, as meeting up with Tsukasa and handling that entire ordeal didn't leave much time for anything he wanted to do. And recently... things had become even more difficult for him. The entire situation had gotten drastically out of hand, and while he'd done everything he could for it, he didn't feel any better.

So escaping to this place seemed the best option. Kaito wasn't sure what else to do with himself. His mind was blank and his chest ached, so he did what he usually did when he felt a way he didn't like. If he couldn't run away, he had to do everything he could to get the feeling to go away. Even if it... was more of an absence of feeling than an actual feeling.

Usually, it took longer than this for him to get worn out. Kaito almost laughed at himself for letting himself get so out of shape but he kept going, kept hitting the bag and crying out as he did, trying to force everything out of his system.

When he finally stopped, he grabbed up a bottle of water he'd swiped from the kitchen area and stepped into the hallway. He couldn't feel his body anymore and his hands were shaking, his breath coming in pants. This was more like it. This felt better.
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 Yuuto slowly stirs awake and realized that he is no longer in Zeroliner but in a hotel room. He quickly gets off and searches around the hotel but there is no sign of anyone not even his imagin partner. ".........DENEBUUU!!!!"

(( Ooc: Have a rusty Yuuto but he doesn't have a certain timeline but he's still the same pissed off Rider as usual.))
13 July 2010 @ 02:07 am
*Retsu looked round a confused look on his face*

Hu? what is this place? I was just at SCRT wasn't  I?

*Retsu  started wondering around trying find anything familiar to him*